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To administer your vehicles' settings, click the user icon in the top right corner.

Then, from the menu, choose Administration.

Finally, click on the Vehicles separator:

You will see a list of the vehicles in your fleet:



To edit a vehicle, click the corresponding link in the license plate column. The details panel will show. On the left side you will see the following sections:



Each section contains blocks of settings for the vehicle. Click on each section to know more.

Section Description
General General settings
Management Settings concerning the cost management of the vehicle
Extras Additional settings for the vehicle
Interact options If your company has NAV to NAV messaging permission, you can specify here if you authorize the driver in this vehicle to send/receive messages to/from other drivers.
Privacy mode Definition of privacy mode rules for this vehicle
Working period It is possible to have different Working periods for different vehicles, generating different results in the Vehicle usage report, for instance.
Permitted driving period It is possible to have different Permitted driving periods for different vehicles, generating different results in the Usage out of permitted period alarm, for instance.
Appointments List of appointments planned for this vehicle (e.g., inspections, insurance renewal, etc.).
Alarms List of alarms assigned to the vehicle

Information concerning the vehicle's tachograph. Here you can also choose if the vehicle's tachograph uses the One minute rule, which changes how driving times are calculated for each minute.

Please be aware that, when enabling or disabling the One minute rule, the Driving times calculator might miss one driver state change, causing incorrect driving times until the proper rest periods are taken by the driver.

Note: the Tachograph type is not mandatory for the One minute rule, although highly recommended.


Clicking on the add_new_vehicle_button.PNG button, the following panel will be available so that you can create new vehicles and assets without GPS:


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