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Some companies have a vehicle usage policy for some of their vehicles in which the corresponding drivers are allowed to use that vehicle out of the working period, as their private vehicle. For instance, during weekends, holidays, or simply after the working hours.

With Frotcom’s Privacy mode, it is possible to stop tracking these vehicles for as long as their mode is set to Private. Privacy mode can be set in three different ways:

  • Manually off
    In this case, the Privacy mode will be manually deactivated by you, for each vehicle.
  • Manually on
    In this case, the Privacy mode will be manually activated by you, for each vehicle.
  • Automatically
    In this case, the Privacy mode will be automatically activated and deactivated according to the Permitted driving periods set by you, for each vehicle.

Data coming from vehicles which have their Privacy modes active will be discarded completely, meaning that there will be no form to get information about their tracking data: position, speed, direction, ignition, but also sensors, CANbus, Driving behavior data, etc. It will be as if the tracking devices were not working at the time.

However, the total mileage travelled by a vehicle in Privacy mode will be known. This will allow the company to keep track of the vehicle total mileage, important for leasing contracts or maintenance, for instance, without knowing where and how the vehicle was driven during Privacy mode. In fact, only after the Privacy mode period ends will this total mileage be calculated, in order not to disclose any information whatsoever about the progression of the vehicle.

By choosing to set a vehicle in Frotcom to Privacy mode, either automatically or manually, you should realize that it will not be technically possible for Frotcom International or your Frotcom Certified Partner to recover tracking data from those periods, as mentioned before. Data will simply be removed, once and for all.

To specify that you want a vehicle to have its mode changed to Private (invisible in Frotcom), go to Administration > Vehicles. Select the vehicle and choose the Privacy mode option.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Do not use privacy mode for this vehicle
    If you choose this configuration, this vehicle will be visible in Frotcom. This is the normal mode for vehicles used in professional activities.

  • Set privacy mode for this vehicle
    If you choose this option, this vehicle will not be visible in Frotcom as long as privacy mode is active. This is often chosen if a vehicle is being used in private activities, for instance during holidays. To reactivate the tracking of this vehicle, choose again “Do not use privacy mode for this vehicle”.

  • Set the privacy mode automatically
    If you choose this option, Frotcom will automatically commute to and from privacy mode, depending on the Permitted driving period defined for the vehicle. When the time is outside of the permitted driving period, privacy mode will be activated. As soon as the time reaches again the permitted driving period, privacy mode is deactivated and the vehicle can again be tracked by Frotcom.

Regarding the third option, remember that if no specific Permitted driving period is defined for a vehicle, the overall definition of Permitted driving period in Administration > Account will be used.

If a vehicle is in Privacy mode, it will be shown on the list with a grey circle:

Additionally, that information will be shown at the bottom of its infobox too:



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