The Appointments report lists all the future appointments scheduled for the vehicles in the selected period.

Appointment is a type of Alarm that can be configured for the vehicles to be set off when a rule (date, mileage or hour) is met.

You can find more details regarding the Appointments alarm in this article.





To generate the report, you must provide the following inputs:

Configuration Description

The period the report will be generated for. Options:

  • This year
  • Next year
  • Next 365 days
  • This month
  • Last month
  • Last 30 days
  • This week
  • Last week
  • Last 7 days
  • Today (Default)
  • Yesterday
  • Other (Maximum 365 days)
Vehicles Select here the vehicles the report will be generated for, or choose All vehicles for the whole fleet (Default: All vehicles)
Show data grouped by vehicle If you select this option, the report will group the future appointments by the Vehicle. Default: No)
Order by

Here you must choose the the field that will be used to order the table of the report. Options:

  • Next occurrence (Default)
  • Description
  • Entity

Appointments may be configured to be set off based on either Mileage, Hour or Time.


You must choose at least one of these types of Appointment alarm to be listed in the report (By default, all three types are selected).




This report may have slightly different formats depending on the Configuration selected by you.

By default, the report will have the following format:



For each of the Appointment types that you selected (Mileage, Hour or Time) the report will produce a table with the following columns:

Column Description
License plate The Licence plate of the vehicle.
Next occurrence Shows when the next occurrence is scheduled to set off. It can be either a certain Mileage, Hour or Time depending on the respective table. 
Current Based on the Next occurrence, this column shows the current value of the parameter (Mileage, Hour or Time).
To go The difference between the values of the Next occurrence and the Current value (in Mileage, Hour or Time).
Description Description of the alarm.
Entity Each Appointment Alarm may have one Entity (defined in Management > Entities) associated with it, and it is displayed in this column.
Periodicity The periodicity configured for this alarm.
Receive warning Each appointment may have the option to receive a warning prior the actual Mileage/Hour/Time defined for it, and it is displayed in this column.


If you select the option Show data grouped by vehicle, the report is presented with the same data, but with the occurrences grouped by vehicles:


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