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If your company has NAV to NAV messaging permission, then the Interact folder has a viewing option: Driver to Driver.

All messages between drivers will be displayed there.

You can set which vehicles/drivers are authorized to use the Driver to Driver messaging. To do that, go to Administration > Vehicles and choose the Interact options row.

Choose the appropriate authorization option:

  • Not authorized
    The vehicle/driver cannot send nor receive messages to/from other drivers

  • Receive only
    This vehicle/driver will be able to receive messages from other drivers, but not send messages to other drivers.

  • Send and receive
    This vehicle/driver will be able to send and receive messages to/from other drivers.

If you set the authorization as Receive only or Send and Receive, you will need to enter the code which other drivers will use in their NAV devices, to send messages to this driver.

This field must contain a unique code, to identify the vehicle/driver, when another driver needs to send him/her a message. This field does not accept spaces or special characters, only digits and letters.

If you reset the authorization mode to Not authorized, any changes to the code will be lost, so the next time you give that permission to this vehicle/driver, a default code (associated to the license plate) will be given.

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