Extended CANBus collection



For vehicles with Real-time tracking and CANBus service, Frotcom collects an extended variety of CANBus data, including accelerator pedal position, brake pedal position, gear, retarder, outside temperature, and engine torque, among others.
Note: some vehicle makes and models may not have all the variables available.
Based on this extended CANBus collection, Frotcom will display the data as follows:
  1. Graphs
    With the extended CANBus collection, you can see the new variables in the graphs. Additionally, you can also create Customized graphs with up to 4 variables, which will make their analysis and observation easier. Customized graphs are available for all vehicles, not just the ones with Real-time tracking and CANBus.

  2. Vehicle infoboxes
    Some of the new variables from the extended CANBus collection can be added to the Other information section of the vehicle infoboxes.

  3. Driver coaching panel
    This panel contains one of the most powerful features in Frotcom, giving you the ability to monitor vehicles in real-time or retrospectively, including positions on the map, street view, all graphs, and a representation of the vehicle's dashboard. 


Where can you see Extended CANBus data


You can create Customized graphs that allow you to more easily visualize and analyze the evolution of up to four variables extracted from the vehicles.

Under the Hamburger menu of the Graphs module, you can select the option Customized graphs:



You will see a list of the customized graphs already created for the account. To create a new one, click on the ADD button:



Give the new graph a Title and click on ADD to create a new variable:



You can add up to 4 variables to the graph. For each variable, you must provide the graph type (Area or Linear), the color for the graph, and if a scale will be added to the graph (can be added to the left or to the right).


Once you've concluded the setup, click on Save



Once you create your customized graph, you can add it to one of your Graph collections and start monitoring your fleet:



Vehicle's infobox

You can display Extended CANBus data in Other information section of the Vehicle's infobox:



The following parameters are now available for selection:

  • Cruise control
  • RPM
  • Current gear
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine torque
  • Temperature outside


Vehicles' list

You can easily identify vehicles configured with Extended CANBus collection directly in the Vehicle's list.

These vehicles are displayed in the list with a blinking status icon. Vehicles that are not configured for ECC are still listed with a static status icon:



Driver coaching

The Driver coaching module gives companies an extra tool to improve driving performance, reducing fuel and maintenance costs. This is a powerful add-on to the already existing Driving behavior module, adding the real-time analysis which was not possible until now.


To learn more about Driver coaching, please check out this article.

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