List of vehicles/places


To the left of the map, you can see the list of vehicles



If you click on the Places link


The list of places will be shown instead:


By default, vehicles are grouped according to their type (trucks, vans, etc.).

The list of vehicles can also displays the following information next to each vehicle:

Icon Descripton
The green dot means that the vehicle has a trip in progress. It's traveling.
The red dot means that the vehicle does not have a trip in progress. It's stopped.
The gray dot means that Frotcom has not received any GPS data from the vehicle for at least 2 hours.
The truck coupled to a semi-trailer icon means that the vehicle is coupled to an asset.
The user icon with a plus sign means that the vehicle has a driving team.
The gray user icon means that the driver has finished the day regarding assigned jobs, or there is no information available.
The green user icon means that the driver is free. The driver has no task assigned.
The blue user icon means that the driver is performing a task.

For the devices GV608, GL300 and GB100 you may see the Battery power level icons. It can be:

Green: Battery over 20% of the maximum capacity

Orange: Between 15% and 20% of the maximum capacity

Red: Below 15%


If you know the license plate of the vehicle you want to look for, you can enter it in the search box. The list will immediately show you only the vehicles whose license plate contains the text you introduced. This may be useful in the case of large fleets in which searching a vehicle using its license plate is faster than scrolling down the list. Enter here the text you want to search in vehicles, places or addresses. Once you press Enter, the first vehicle, place or address is selected on the list, and you can see it on the map.

You do not need to use the mouse to start entering data in the search box. Just start typing and the text will go directly into the search box, replacing the existing previous text. The text in the search box will find any vehicle/place/address, even if the order of the words is different.

Press the Esc key or click the X to remove text written in the search box. You can also press the arrows UP and DOWN to move to another vehicle and by pressing Enter, you select the new vehicle, place or address:




The same is true for places. If you know the name of the place, you can use the search bar to locate it on the list.

If you select a vehicle from the list, the map will show you only that vehicle. To see again all the vehicles, click the Fleet button or erase the content of the search box by clicking the "X" icon to the right of the search text:


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