Vehicle Infoboxes


If you click on a vehicle from the list of vehicles, or on a vehicle icon on the map, an infobox will pop up:



The infobox shows you the most important information about the selected vehicle. Frotcom allows you to define which information you want to see displayed in the infobox.

The infobox header looks like this:



It contains the following information:

Icon Name Description

Contains a drop down list for quick access to the most common features:

Hamburger menu

Contains a drop down list with the vehicle context menu. This menu includes the most common operations you can execute on a vehicle.

  Settings Choose this option to configure your infobox.


Infobox docking status

The vehicle infobox has two docking modes:

  • Floating mode. The infobox is shown near the vehicle. When selected, you will see:
  • Docked mode. The infobox will be displayed on the right side of the map, regardless of the vehicle’s position on the map. When selected, you will see:

To know more about infobox docking modes, click here.



Hides the infobox. It will be hidden until you click the Show the Infobox arrow that will be displayed on the top right of the map:



The vehicle infobox is divided into panels. Each panel is a particular arrangement of information grouped together. There are 9 different panels:

Panel Comments
Marker fields Always visible.
Trip and GPS communication Always visible.
Drivers Always visible.
Location Optional, depends on your settings.
Route Optional, depends on your settings.
Elapsed/Remaining driving times Optional, depends on your settings.
Alarms Optional, depends on your settings.
Messages Optional, depends on your settings.
Other information Optional, depends on your settings.


If you want to know how to enable/disable the optional fields, click here.

The default panels for the floating mode are: Marker fieldsTrip and GPS communicationDriversDriving/Resting times and Other information.

In docked mode, by default, all the panels are displayed.

Each panel has a header. Panels that are optional can be opened or closed using the header arrow buttons:

Icon Description


Panel is closed. By clicking you will open the panel.


Panel is open. By clicking you will close the panel.


Panel opened Panel closed






The Vehicle Infobox will also show whenever a vehicle is in Privacy mode (i.e. driver disabled the tracking on a Workforce Management terminal that is allowed to be used as tracking device and Frotcom Web will not be able to retrieve its location).


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