Graph collections


You can use Graph collections to separate and organize sets of graphs into folders-like structures.




By default, all your graphs will be displayed inside Graph Collection 1:



To add a new collection, you may click on the "+" icon next to the collections.

You will see the following popup:



In this popup, you must define a name for your collection, and choose the graphs that will be part of it (simply drag and drop them from the bottom list into the Shown graphs list).

You can configure up to six graphs into the same collection.


Once you are done with this step, click on Apply and your new collection will be available:



You can also edit a collection (to rename it, to add/remove graphs from it, or to delete it). To do so, click on the engine icon next to it:



You will see the following popup:



To edit the graphs available in the collection, simply drag and drop from the Other graphs available sub-panel (bottom) onto the Shown graphs sub-panel (top). 

When you are done, click Apply to save or Cancel to abandon our changes.

To remove a graph, click on the X button on the respective row:



To remove all the selected fields, click the Clear button on top of the panel.

You can also change the order of the graphs, using the same approach. Just move them up and down as you wish.

By default, all the graphs that are generated by one or more of your vehicles will be shown on the top sub-panel. This means that, as long as a vehicle has data to be shown, the corresponding graph with display.

Also, note that although the vehicle for which you are editing the graph settings may not have all the graphs, the order you now establish for the graphs will be followed by all the vehicles.


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