Multiple trailers


Frotcom supports Coupling and Uncoupling operations of up to 5 assets simultaneously to the same vehicle.



To configure multiple assets to be coupled to a vehicle, you must go to Administration > Driving conditions under the section Coupling:



With the option Allow coupling of vehicles and assets active, you can change the value of the option Maximum number of assets per vehicle (by default, this option is 1 - you can change it to any number between 1 and 5).


Please note that:

  • If you change the Maximum number of assets per vehicle to a lower number, you might need to confirm your action before it's saved;
  • Multiple trailers do not support the Automatic coupling based on Trailer Id. You must deactivate this option if you wish to use Multiple trailers.


Manual and Automatic Coupling and Uncoupling

Once configure the multiple coupling/uncoupling, you will be able to manually couple assets to vehicles in the Administration > Vehicles > General - Association section, as well as by right-clicking on the vehicle in the Vehicle list and selection Couple this vehicle.

Please check this article for more details regarding the manual coupling and uncoupling.


For the automatic coupling/uncoupling (except for automatic coupling based on Trailer Id/BLE), the rules are described in this article.


Where to see the Coupling and Uncoupling operations?

Every coupling and uncoupling operation will be visible in the Bottom panel > Coupling of the selected vehicle:



You can also click on View all to have the complete list of coupling and uncoupling operations:image2022-8-30_10-15-26.png


You can also setup the Map Settings to show the Asset's license plate in the Vehicle list, Vehicle marker, and Vehicle infobox:



Coupling/Uncoupling report

The Coupling/Uncoupling report supports Multiple trailers, meaning that all the operations can be found in the report, given the right period/vehicles.


Coupling and Uncoupling alarm

You can also configure a Coupling and Uncoupling alarm for your fleet, so you can be informed whenever a coupling or uncoupling operation happens:





Please note that every vehicle and asset available in the account can be selected in the Vehicle selector. While this gives you flexibility to configure the alarm as you wish, it also creates scenarios where you might receive more than one alarm for the same operation (for instance, if a vehicle V1 and an asset A1 are both selected, in the event of a coupling between the two, there would be two alarm occurrences). Please keep this information in mind when creating an alarm definition.

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