Automatic coupling/uncoupling based on GPS position


If your company has assets with GPS tracking, you may want to configure automatic operations of coupling and uncoupling of these assets to vehicles based on their global position.



You can find the options to configure this operation in Account > Driving conditions - Coupling, marking the flag Allow automatic coupling based on GPS as Yes:



Here you can define for which vehicles and assets this feature will be active. You have two ways to do it:

  1. If you mark the option Include all and future vehicles/assets with GPS as Yes, all vehicles of your account will be configured for the automatic coupling/uncoupling - including those vehicles and assets that might be created after this configuration is done.
  2. If you have a specific group of vehicles/assets that you wish to have this configuration active for, you can leave these flags as No and select the vehicles and assets manually at will.



How it works

After defining which vehicles and assets will be using this feature, Frotcom will monitor their GPS position and proceed with the operations of coupling and uncoupling as the following:



  1. Is there any asset sending GPS coordinates compatible with the ones from the vehicle that started the trip?
  2. Is this asset the only asset with GPS in a radius of 3500 meters from the vehicle?
  3. Does this pair of vehicle and asset keep the proximity between them for at least 3 minutes?

If all the above is true, Frotcom will proceed and first uncouple the asset from any other vehicle (if it's the case) and then couple the asset to the new vehicle.



  1. Is the vehicle traveling far (more than 3500 meters) from any other asset with GPS? 
  2. Does this continue for at least 3 minutes?
  3. Is there any asset with GPS currently coupled with this vehicle?

If all the above is true, the asset will be uncoupled from the vehicle.


Note: to guarantee the operations are executed at their finest, the GPS tracking devices must be configured with a Record sending interval of 1min-20min, or with a shorter interval, if available.


Tracking on Frotcom

The result of automatic coupling and uncoupling is shown on Frotcom the same way as the manual operations. You can see more details about manually coupling and uncoupling vehicles and assets on this article.


Now, to differ a manual from an automatic coupling, you must select a vehicle/asset from the vehicle list and check its bottom panel:



Automatic operations have their user marked as System, while manual couplings have the user who placed the operation.

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