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After you generate a route based on Job information, you will be redirected to the map view. The following screen will be displayed to you:


The previous picture depicts a simple example of a Job with only one task. The settings defined during the route creation were:

  • Starting point: Current vehicle location
  • End point: Job last destination

Depending either you selected to optimize the route, the following pop-up message might be displayed:


Continuing with the mentioned example, Frotcom creates automatically a route from the starting point to the ending point which you defined. The information displayed on the map is similar to the one displayed by the Route module. 

The displayed information on the bottom panel (Starts fromSTDMileageBreaksArrive atSTA, Stop over, and Corridor) has the same meaning as the bottom panel during route creation activities. For more information, click here. The Notifications and Alarms panels have also the same meaning as in the route creation activity. For more information, click here.

However, the Information to driver panel has a different functionality comparing to the one presented during the route creation process:


When you Generate a route based on Job information, by clicking on the Information to driver panel, the respective Task details panel will be displayed to you. For more information, click here.

If you are Generating a route for a Job with several tasks, you will see all the task destinations (job information) in the Map > Direction panel:


You are able to move up and down the destinations by using the draggable hamburger menu (indicated by the red circle in the following picture), changing the proposed order by Frotcom. If you want to remove a destination, click the cross button (indicated by the blue circle in the following picture), note that after you need to click Calculate again.


Note that the first point of the route cannot be a destination with job information. Therefore, if you try to perform this action by drag and drop, the following pop-up warning will be displayed:


By clicking Assign this route, both route and Job will be assigned to the vehicle. The Job will also change its status from Pending to Assigned (to the vehicle which the route was assigned):


Click Assign to confirm your actions. The following message will pop-up:


Note that there are three available values for Send route to WFM/NAV, as depicted here. They are:

  • Do not send route to WFM/NAV
  • Send destinations only
  • Enforce path

When you assign a job to a vehicle, if that job has tasks which have a destination defined (Where folder), these destinations will automatically be sent to the driver's terminal, either if you create a route for the job or not.

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