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In the Where folder of the New task panel, you are able to define information about where the task is to be performed. The following panel will be available to you:

You have two main sub-folders inside the Where folder:

CRM Client Search
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You can specify the geographical location where the task is to be executed via the CRM Client panel, which loads the information from the Administration > CRM feature. Or by searching on the map.

CRM Client

By clicking on the CRM Client combo box, you can select the client for which the task will be performed. All existing clients in your Administration > CRM area will be displayed. After you select the client for which the task will be performed, the following panel will be displayed to you:

The remaining fields of AddressNameTitleOffice phone and Mobile phone, will be automatically filled according to the information in Administration > CRM.

For the fields that have more than one value associated, for instance, if a client has several addresses or several contact persons, you can change them by clicking on the combo box of the respective field:

Additionally, the geographical location of your client premises will be displayed on the map (indicated on the map by the red arrow).

When you are done, click Apply on the lower right part of the CRM Client panel.


Inside Search sub-folder, there are two options: Place and Adress. You can select between them by clicking on the respective link, as shown bellow:

Place Address
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Search > Place

By selecting the Place option, a similar panel to the places list displayed on the map screen will be shown to you:

You are shown the list of places in alphabetic order with the place type icon. You can also use the Search box to fine tune your search.

After selecting a place, it will be shown on the map:


To include the selected place as the destination where the task is to be executed, click Add this point as a destination:


The place you added as a destination will be shown on the top of the Search panel:


After you select your place, click Save:


Search > Address

By selecting the Address option, you will be able to perform similar actions to when you are searching for an address in the map view:


After searching for an address on the Search box (indicated by the red square), click on the one of the displayed addresses (indicated by the blue square) and Frotcom will show you the address on the map (indicated by the orange square).

If you want to select the defined address as the place where the task is to be executed, click on the Add this point as a destination and the address will be displayed on top of the Search panel:


Click Save so that Frotcom saves your configurations:


On the other hand, if you which to manually define the destination on the map, simply apply a mouse right click on the desired location and the following panel will be available to you:


After, you can process in a similar to way to what was already described. It is just important to stress out that after you finish your configurations, click Save:


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