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In the Vehicle type tab of the Vehicle settings you can create and edit Vehicle types that will be used when defining the general parameters of each vehicle (Administration > Vehicles > General) and also on the list of vehicles.

For that, go to Administration > Vehicles, and click on Vehicle settings under the Hamburger menu:



It contains the following information:

Column Description
Vehicle type Identification of the vehicle type.
Vehicle count Number of vehicles belonging to this particular vehicle type.
Last update Date and time of the last modification of this vehicle type.
Username Identification of the user who performed the last modification on this vehicle type settings.


You will notice that some Vehicle types will be marked with the lock symbol:


These vehicle types identified with the lock symbol were already preset by your Frotcom Certified Partner and cannot be changed or erased.

To create a new vehicle type, click on the ADD button located on the lower right part of the screen:


After entering the name of the new Vehicle type on the free text box, click on button Save, located on the lower right part of the screen to confirm your action, or click the Cancel button to discard it:


If you confirm your action, the following confirmation message pops up:


If you wish to edit an already created Vehicle type, simply click the Edit button, located on the far right end of each respective row, and the corresponding text box will be available, allowing you to change its identification.


To delete a vehicle type, press the Delete button located on the far right end of each respective row:

After that, the following confirmation panel will appear:


Click Yes to confirm your action or click No to discard your changes.

Please note that the Delete button will not be available for vehicle types with vehicles linked to it. To delete a vehicle type, make sure you dissociate all the vehicles from that type first.



In case you need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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