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After setting the Preferences and entering the primary Entities, you are ready to start filling the fleet-related costs.

To access the Cost management panel, go to the Management module and select the Cost folder:

You will see the following panel:

By clicking on the arrow button,  the extended panel will be available to you.

It contains the following information:

Column Description
Date Date and time of the cost.
Vehicle Vehicle associated with this cost.
Cost type Type of cost associated with the Entity, as defined in Management > Entities.
Entity Entity which issues the cost.
Total cost Total cost = Quantity x Unit cost
Unit Unit measurement of the cost type, as defined in Management > Preferences.
Quantity Number of units.
Unit cost Cost associated with each unit.
Odometer reported Odometer reported by the user.
Vehicle odometer

Number of kilometres registered in the vehicle's odometer when the cost took place.

Recurring Identification if the cost is a recurring one (YES) or not (NO).

The Costs folder shows you a list of all the costs inserted in Frotcom, in a given period.

On the bottom of the list under the Total cost column, you can see the Sum of the total cost of all the listed costs:

If you want to know how to filter the costs displayed in the Management > Costs panel, click here.


By clicking on the hamburger menu located on the upper-right part of the screen, you have the Odometer reading and Import cost file options:


If you want to know more about the import cost file feature, click here.

If you want to know more about the odometer reading, click here.


If you wish to enter a new cost, click here.

If you wish to edit an already existing cost, click here.

If you wish to delete a cost, click here

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