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To go to the Entities management panel, go to the Management module and select the Entities folder:

The following panel will be displayed to you:

It contains the following information:

Column Description
Name Name of the entity.
Description Alternative description for the entity.
Tax number Tax number of the entity.
Cost types  Cost type identification (e.g. vehicle washing company, tolls company, etc., it is up to you).

You will notice that particular Entities will be marked with the lock symbol:

This means that a particular entity identified with the lock symbol may have been already preset by your Frotcom Certified Partner and it is not changeable or erasable.


If you wish to create a new entity, click here.

If you wish to edit an already created entity, click on the blue link in the Name column representative of the respective row:

After, a similar panel to the one of Entity creation, will be displayed to you. Moreover, you will be able to edit all the fields in a similar way to when a new entity was created.

To delete an entity, enter the edit mode and click Delete:

After, the following confirmation panel will be available to you. Click Confirm.

Note that you will not be able to erase an entity if there is already a cost inserted in Frotcom, associated with that entity. First, you will have to erase all costs associated with that entity and then erase the entity.


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