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To assess the Odometer reading, go to the Management > Costs panel and click the menu button on the upper-right part of the screen:

Select Odometer reading from the drop down menu:

After that, the following board will be displayed to you:

In the Odometer reading panel, you can manually enter the odometer reading. Even though this is not mandatory, Frotcom will take it into account if you do it, in order to calibrate the number of kilometers in the calculation of Cost/km, for instance.

On the date field, by clicking on the calendar button, you will see the following menu:

Here, you can define when (day and time) did occur the reading that you wish to register. The upper part of the panel you select the time (hours and minutes) (indicated in orange on the example picture) and in the lower part of the panel, you select the day when did occur the reading that you with to register (indicated in red on the example picture).

If you want Frotcom to set the day and time to match the current day and time, click Now.

After you set the Date field up, click Apply to confirm your actions.

On the vehicle  field, you have a drop down list which allows you to select which vehicle you want to set the odometer reading:

On the Odometer field, click on the Click to add link:

After that, a text box will be available for you to enter the odometer reading:

Press enter.

If you want to change the mileage units, click here.

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