Administration > Drivers


To administer your drivers' settings, click the user icon in the top right corner.

Then, from the menu, choose Administration.

Finally, click on the Drivers separator:

You will see a list of the drivers in your fleet:

You can also click on the arrow button, located on the top right part of the panel, for more fields:

The Drivers panel contains the following information:


Column Description
Name Name of the driver
License plate License plate of the vehicle currently associated with the driver

Radio Frequency IDentification.

NOTE: this field is available when your account has automatic driver identification permission.

Tachograph driver number Tachograph driver card number.
Tachograph driver card expiry date Expiry date of the tachograph card.
Mobile phone

The driver's mobile phone number.

NOTE: This number will be shown directly on the driver's infobox on the map.

Department Driver's organization entities
Segment Driver's organization entities
Username Username of the driver in the mobile terminal
License number License number of the driver's license
License classes Vehicle classes which the driver is allowed to drive
  • Add a new driver

To add a new driver, click on the Add new button on the upper right part of the Administration > Drivers panel.

After that, the next panel will be available to you:

The only mandatory field to create a driver is the Name field. The RFID field will be available when the account has Automatic Driver Identification available.

After filling the necessary fields for the driver creation, click on the Save button in the top right part of the panel, so that Frotcom saves your changes.

  • Edit an already existing driver

To edit a driver, click the corresponding link in the Name column. The details panel will show. On the left side you will see the main sections:

Each section contains blocks of settings for the driver. Click on each section to know more.

Section Description
General General settings
Professional Settings concerning the driver's professional background
Driving License Settings concerning the driver's driving license information
Emergency Settings concerning the driver's emergency coordinates
Mobile Terminal Settings concerning the driver's mobile terminal information
Personal info Additional settings of the driver
Tachograph Here you can edit the fields regarding tachograph


If you want to know more about automatic driver identification, click here.

If you want to know more about driving teams, click here.

In case you need further clarification, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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