Administration > Drivers > Mobile terminal


The Mobile terminal tab contains the two sections.

In the first one you can control the driver's credentials to the Workforce Management module:

Field Description
Username Driver's username in the Workforce Management mobile terminal 
Password Driver's password in the Workforce Management mobile terminal


In case you need further clarification, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.


The second section addresses the access of this driver to the Driver App.

Note that this option is only visible if you have the right permission (Administration > Administer mobile terminals) set for your user:



If you click on Activate Driver App, you will need to enter a driver login for the driver:



Once you give the driver a driver login, you will be given an access code:



The driver must use the driver login and the access code to create a password themselves. You can choose how you will send this information to the driver, or you can click on Invite driver by SMS to send them the instructions directly via Frotcom:



Add the driver's phone number (or click on Use driver phone) and click on Send:



Note: If for any reason this message is not sent to your driver, you can manually send them the following text message, replacing the account name, username, and code:


Invitation - Frotcom Driver App
<Account name>
Username: <usename>
Code: <code>


Also in this section, you can individually control what the driver can see in the app. You can click on Customized permissions to choose them manually, or if you left uncheck the driver will be given the same permissions as the fleet, defined in Administration > Account - Frotcom Driver App:



Lastly, you can see the history of operations done to this driver's driver app account in the table at the bottom of the section:



Note: the section above will be only available once you give access to your fleet in Administration > Account - Frotcom Driver App.

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