Administration > Drivers > General


The General section contains the Identification panel:



It includes the following information:

Field Description

Photo of the driver.

NOTE: If you want to change the driver's photo, click on the Change photo link. If you want to delete the driver's photo, click on the Delete button.

Name Name of the driver.

You can choose from the drop-down list the vehicle which is associated with a particular driver.

NOTE: Before this action, the vehicle must already be defined in the Administrator > Vehicles list.

RFID RFID number for Automatic driver identification.
Mobile phone The driver's mobile phone number.
E-mail E-mail address of the driver.


To see all the existing notes related to a specific driver, click Notebook on the upper right part of the screen:


After that, you will be redirected to the Notebook panel and the Note type of the Notebook filtering options will be defined as Drivers with the concerning driver selected. The remaining filters will adopt the default values. After, if on the Notebook panel, you click Add new to insert a new note, all the fields will be automatically filled according to the driver that you previously visited.

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