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Previous note: you may also be interested in the notion of associated users, as an alternative to Multi-fleet users. If you wish to know more about associated users, click here.

Frotcom allows you to create users that can simultaneously manage vehicles from several accounts. These are Multi-fleet users

Multi-fleet users can have simultaneous access to vehicles of their own companies and vehicles of aggregated companies. Let's suppose that you have two companies, Company A with 10 vehicles and Company B with 20 vehicles. Your Frotcom Certified Partner created two Frotcom accounts, one for each company.

Your Frotcom Certified Partner also created the users to manage each account. For instance, let's suppose that Admin A is the user in charge of Company A, and Admin B is the user in charge of Company B. So you have this situation:


Now, if you want to have a user who can simultaneously see the vehicles of Company A and Company B, your Frotcom Certified Partner can do it for you.


Setting a Multi-fleet user

Your Frotcom Certified Partner can create a Multi-fleet user in Company A and aggregate to this user all the vehicles or part of the vehicles of Company B.


In fact, it is possible to select only part of the vehicles of Company A and only part of the vehicles of Company B.


In sum, a Multi-fleet user always belongs to one of the companies/accounts, although he/she can see also the vehicles (all or part) of other aggregated accounts.


Operations available to multi-fleet users

Not all operations are possible for Multi-fleet users. Multi-fleet users have access to the following operations and sections of Frotcom (also depending on their permissions):

Section Operation/ Folder Description Notes

 Multi-fleet users have the multi-fleet vehicle filter applied.

Multi-fleet users only have access to places and clients of their companies; they also cannot filter by driver, only by vehicle.

Summary Distribution    
Recent activity    
More Alarms    
  • Daily summary
  • Virtual odometer report (GPS)
  • Doorway report
  • Open door alarms report
  • Inadequate temperatures report
  • Digital inputs report
  • CANBus report
  • Analog input report
  • Appointments report
  • Seal operation report
  • CANBus – Driver work states report
  • Temperature report 

Only these reports are available.

User Preferences User Preferences
  • Profile
  • General
  • Region
  • Notifications
  • Interact
Multi-fleet user will only have access to User Preferences. Multi-fleet user will not have access to Administration menu.


Knowing which vehicle belongs to each account

Frotcom does not characterize automatically the vehicles seen by a Multi-fleet user, as belonging to one account or another. However, one possible way to know immediately is to use the Fields to show in vehicles list option, in Administrator > Account.

If the vehicles details include the name of the company in the Free field 1 (which is done in the details of each vehicle, by the corresponding account administrator), for example, you can choose to see the field next to the license field of each vehicle on the vehicle list section of the map settings. Considering that the Free field 1 can be used to define the operating region of the vehicle, you can have the following display:


This way you will always know to which company a vehicle belongs.


Vehicle filter selector

Multi-fleet users have a filter permanently activated named Multi-fleet user. This filter shows all the vehicles that the user has access to, according to what was defined by your Frotcom Certified Partner.

It is not possible to apply other vehicle filters to a Multi-fleet user.


Suggestion on how you can have access to several accounts as Multi-fleet user

Although not all operations are possible, Multi-fleet users can see the whereabouts of all vehicles and interact with the drivers through messaging, for instance.

For other operations, however, it is necessary to enter Frotcom not as a Multi-fleet user but as an account specific administrator.

A quick way to accomplish this is to ask your Frotcom Certified Partner to associate users with your Multi-fleet user. By doing this, you can quickly jump from Multi-fleet user to individual user of each aggregated account, where you can perform the additional operations.


If you wish to know more about associated users, click here.

If you want to give limited access to some of your main customers (or forwarders), using a Vehicle filter is useful but may not enough. You might also need to consider that these vehicles were not necessarily working for particular customers in earlier days. Therefore, it might also be necessary to specify that a user will not have access to tracking data earlier than the current date. If you want to know more about hiding history functionality, click here.


If you need additional assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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