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Sometimes you may want to see only some of your vehicles, based on one or several attributes.

For instance, imagine that your have a transportation company with a fleet of 1000 trucks. You probably have 10-20 fleet managers. Each one may be responsible for a part of the fleet and there will be one chief manager. Possibly, each fleet manager will be responsible for a class of vehicles or a class of operations. For instance, some trucks work for client X all the time. One fleet manager is responsible for managing those vehicles. Another fleet manager is responsible for the international (import / export) operations. A third one is responsible for domestic (national) operations. And so forth.

So, you need a way of having the fleet managers using Frotcom, but they should only see the vehicles that are their responsibility, not all the 1000 vehicles in the fleet. Frotcom has this possibility, called vehicle filters.

Basically, you can select which vehicles to see, by using the two filters located on the right side of the menu bar:

Click on it and you'll be able to set two types of filters:

The filter on top - only shown if your company is tracking assets like containers, semi-trailers or other assets without installed GPS trackers - allows you to specify which type of vehicles you want to see:

The second filter allows you to apply your company's customized filters:


Once you apply a filter, the vehicles showing, not only on the maps but also on tables, reports and alarms, are exclusively the ones selected by the filter.

To know how to create vehicle filters, click here.

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