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The preferences in the account's administration panel are applied to all the users of Frotcom in your company.

Please make sure you use the right settings, or contact your Frotcom Certified Partner in case of any doubt.

To administer your Account, first choose the user icon on the top right:

Then, click on the Administration option.

You will see the Administration menu. From that menu, select the Account option.

The Account administration panel will open:

Inside each tab, you will find several settings that can be changed. Please have in mind that all changes you make in your account's administration will affect all users of the account, not only you.

In case of doubt, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner before changing these settings.

Click the section you want to know more about.

Section Description
General General settings about your account
Working period Settings regarding the global working period of your fleet's vehicles and drivers
Permitted driving period Settings regarding the total driving period allowed for your fleet's vehicles and drivers
Driving conditions Settings about the driving times restrictions allowed by legislation or company policy
CANBus Settings related to vehicles from which Frotcom extracts CANBus data
Useful links Settings related to the list of useful links you can display on the top left of the interface
Automation rules Settings regarding some automatic processes in Frotcom
Calculation options Settings regarding the way Frotcom calculates some indicators
Region Settings related to your country and preferred options


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