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To be able to manage your fleet with ELD, some additional information on your drivers' profiles is required.

In Administration > Drivers, select your driver from the list or click on Add New to add a new driver.

Then, in the MOBILE TERMINAL tab, you need to give the driver a username and password to be able to log in to the terminal:



Lastly, in the ELD tab, you must fill the following fields:



Field Description
First name Same as in the driver’s license.
Last name
Commercial driver's license
Information regarding the driver's license.
Cycle rule available The cycle applied to this driver.
Exceptions available No exceptions are available at the moment.
Drivers can use Personal conveyance
Yard moves
Additional options for this driver (shows availability based on the Account settings).
Cargo type Cargo of transportation of this driver.
Home terminal Home terminal.
Signature Driver's signature (driver can change the signature on their device).


Note that only users with permission for the ELD can see these options.

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