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To be able to manage your fleet with ELD, some additional information on your account is required.
Note that a user can see these options only if they have permission for ELD.

You must go to Administration > Account > Profile and enter the information about the Carrier and Home Terminal Name.





Field Description
Dot number Department of Transportation number

Main office address

Address information

ZIP code


Cycle rule available Cycle rule applied to the fleet (currently there are two rules available: 70hrs/8days and 60hrs/7days).
Exceptions available No exceptions are available at the moment.
Cargo type Type of cargo available
Drivers can use Personal conveyance Choose if the drivers can use the vehicles for personal purposes.
Drivers can use Yard moves Choose if the drivers are allowed to register Yard moves (on duty, yet not driving)


Home Terminal Name:



You can use the the add_button.JPG button to add the following information for the Home Terminal:

  • Name
  • Address
  • State
  • Timezone

You can also use the edit_edit_buttons.JPG buttons to change information of the already added Home Terminals.

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