Frotcom TV's Interface


Frotcom TV's interface has the following format:


It contains the following information:

Bullet Description
1 Frotcom's logo and current user time.
2 Presentation title. This is the title describing which news is being shown in area 3, the main panel. News shown here are selected from the fleet news area 
3 Main panel. Here you will see the views of the latest fleet news and of the fleet. Views include, in the case of vehicles in places where street view is available, a 360º panoramic view.
4 This small panel gives you a thumbnail view of a zoomed out map, to help you locate where each vehicle represented in the main panel is.
5 Breaking news. All events related to the fleet will be displayed here. News are basically the main events which can be seen in Frotcom, at the events table.
6 Rotation of fleet usage indicators selected in User Preferences > Frotcom TV > Map settings.
7 Frotcom TV can also display external news received from news sites, using RSS. These can be world news, local news economic or sports news, etc. There are up to two bars that can be supported by two different RSS.


To maximize Frotcom TV to full screen, click the Full screen button at the bottom right corner:


To shut down Frotcom TV and go back to the normal Frotcom interface, press the ESC key or click the Back to Frotcom button at the bottom right corner:


If you want to know more about how Frotcom TV works, click here.

If you want to know more about Frotcom TV's configuration, click here.

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