Events table


Once you select a vehicle to show its infobox, you will see that at the top of the infobox there is a View menu option from which you can see several sub-options.


Choose Events.

The events table will show you, for the period you have selected (by default, Today), the list of all the events related to that vehicle. These are:

  • Ignition On
  • Beginning of trip
  • Ignition Off
  • End of trip
  • New driver identification

If you wish to see similar information for another vehicle, just make use of the vehicle filter tab in the upper part of the panel:

By default, the table shows you these events only. If you want to see all the records received from the vehicle (by default one record every minute while in movement), select the option Include all positions:

After you select the desired vehicle from the drop-down list, the information will be displayed automatically.

You may notice every once and a while, the following symbols in some rows of the table. These symbols are mainly for your Frotcom Certified Partner to be able to troubleshoot any situation that may be affecting the performance of the GPS tracker. These symbols do not necessarily mean that there is something wrong.

Symbol Meaning
Invalid GPS
This can happen if the vehicle had no GPS coverage, for instance when the vehicle is near high buildings, or if the vehicle just started a new trip and the GPS tracker was reset. There may also be a malfunction on the device, but more often it is a bad placement of the device in the vehicle.

Loss of external power
This can happen when a record is transmitted, and the GPS tracker is not connected to an external power source.

Movement with ignition off
The vehicle's position reported by the GPS tracker is changing although the vehicle's ignition is detected as Off.


If you click on an event of the list, a map with the location where this event was triggered is shown at the bottom of the page:



To go back to the map, choose the appropriate option:

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