The Workforce Management module in Frotcom improves the communication between your office and you. It allows your company to interact with you in several different ways, managing closely the assignment of Jobs and their execution.

This section tackles all the options available in Frotcom. However, have in mind that in your case the options available may be fewer.


Desktop icon

The following icon is displayed on the desktop of the Workforce Management Terminal. Press on it to open Frotcom application:



Starting the application

Once open, the application will start downloading the necessary data updates from the Frotcom Data Center. New forms, new task types or any configuration that might have changed since the driver last logged in. After that, the application's main menu will be shown to you:



Screen orientation

The application can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation. The orientation is chosen automatically according to the orientation of the device.

mceclip0.png        mceclip1.png


Screen resolution

Frotcom's application can be used with different Android 3G tablets and smartphones, with different screen sizes. The application will adapt to the resolution available.

However, when choosing a tablet, have in mind that the user experience with a lower resolution is not the same, especially during form data input, when the virtual keyboard "invades" a large part of the screen.


Choosing an option

To select an option, touch directly the corresponding button. If your option is not in sight due to screen resolution limitations, slide the panel left of right, up or down, until the button with the option you want is visible.

Remember that not all buttons and options described in this document are necessarily available on your mobile device. It will depend on the configuration chosen by your company.


Button colors

Buttons can be highlighted or not, depending on the importance your company gives to the corresponding operation. The definition of highlighted and not highlighted buttons can be configured for your company, by your Frotcom Certified Partner.

Highlighted buttons show in red. Non-highlighted buttons show in gray.


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