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In this article is depicted the actions you need to perform in order to attach a .pdf file to a message you are sending.

This feature is only available for devices that respect the following constraints:

  • WFM terminals version 1.0.1226.0 or higher
  • WFM terminals with SD Cards
  • WFM terminals with PDF reader application installed

Note that the .pdf files sent to the WFM terminal are saved in the Documents folder of the SD Card disk. Therefore, if there is no SD Card in the WFM terminal, the driver will still receive the message but it will not be possible to open the attachment. The driver will only see the body text of the message.

Also, the operation to download the attached file is not available if the terminal is connected via serial port.

Firstly, proceed as indicated here to send a message. The  New message panel will be displayed to you:


Click Select file:


A similar panel (depending on your operating system) will be displayed to you:


Now, navigate to the .pdf file you want to attach to the message you will send and click Open.

After, you will see that the New message panel is now updated with the .pdf file that you uploaded:


First, you will find the name of the file and, between brackets, the size of it. There are the following restrictions:

  1. Only .pdf files can be sent
  2. The maximum size of the file is 2MB
  3. Only one file can be attached per message

Following are situations you might experience if some constraint is not respected:

  • If you attach a file which extension is different from .pdf, the following pop-up will be displayed to you:
    You can still send the message but the attached file will not be sent. 
  • If you attach a .pdf file which does not respect the size constraints, the following pop-up will be displayed to you:
    You can still send the message but the attached file will no be sent. 
  • If you select a device which is not a WFM terminal, you will see the following message:
    You will not be able to send the message, as the Send button is not available.

When you are done with the .pdf file upload you can select the destination(s) and write the body text of the message, as depicted here.

After sending the .pdf file, you will see Interact panel updated with your message.


The attached file will be displayed next to the clip icon (indicated in red in the previous picture). By clicking on the blue link with the attachment name, you are able to download it.


Note: If you want to know what the driver will experience through his/her WFM terminal, click here.

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