Text messages - Receive a message from the office with a .pdf file attached


This article depicts what you will experience when your office sends you a message with a .pdf file attached. 

Make sure that your Workforce Management terminal has an SD card incorporated and a pdf reader application installed. Also, to download a pdf file, the terminal must be connected via wifi (the download is not possible when the terminal is connected via serial port).

When your office sends you a message to your Workforce Management terminal, a pop-up message will be displayed, similarly to what is shown in the following picture:


Go to Messages folder. Select the message you just received. This action will open the entire conversation with the entity that sent you the message. In this case, your office. After, the following screen will be displayed to you:

Touch on the message you just received. 

You will see that a Downloading message will appear. It will take a brief moment to download the message. When it is completed, the following pop-up message will be shown to you, indicating that the .pdf file was downloaded successfully:


If you touch again the message, the .pdf file will open and it will be displayed on your terminal's screen:


Note that the shown .pdf file in the previous picture is just an example.

If at some moment you want to open again the .pdf file that you received, touch Documents icon on the Workforce Management main screen or navigate through your device to the Documents folder on your SD Card disk:

Note that the address shown in the previous picture might vary when comparing to your device. Simply consider that the .pdf file is located in the Documents folder of the SD Card disk.

If you want to delete the file, touch on the file you want to delete for a couple seconds and the following panel will be shown to you:


Touch Delete. The confirmation panel will pop-up:


Touch Yes to confirm your action and the file will be deleted from the SD card.


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