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There are many ways to send a message to a driver.

For instance, you can do it from the Interact screen by clicking the envelope icon on the menu bar:


The Interact page will be displayed. In that page, click the Compose button:


Now you will see the New message dialog:



Messages can be sent to one of the following recipient:

  • Email (if the driver has an email address configured);
  • SMS (if the driver has a mobile number configured);
  • Workforce Management terminal (if the driver was given the right permissions, and is associated to a vehicle with a WFM terminal);
  • Driver app (if the driver was given the right permissions).


Start by choosing the recipient of your message. Then enter the text of your message.


In the end, you can attach also a location, to be set as destination by the NavigatorWorkforce Management terminal, or Driver app. To do so, click on the Attach location button, then pick the location you want from the selector:


To remove the location, click the trash bin:


Additionally, you can also send a message to a driver from the vehicle's infobox or from the Search panel.

For that, open the respective vehicle's infobox (if you don't know how to do it, click here):

To send a message to this vehicle, click on Actions and choose the Send messages option from the drop down menu:


Alternatively, go to the Search panel, look for the desired vehicle and right click on it. Then, choose the Send messages option:

You can select either the Send messages options via the vehicle's infobox or via the Search panel. The outcome is the same, the following panel will be shown to you:

In this example, let's consider that the vehicle has a workforce management terminal associated and the driver has an associated mobile phone too. Therefore, you have now two options to send the message: via workforce management terminal or via phone (SMS text).

Simply tick the selection box of the desired terminal:

If you wish to select all the options, it is also possible. In this case the message would be sent to both workforce management terminal and phone. For that, tick the Select all option and all the options will be automatically ticked.

You can also add a location, as explained before.

After you write the message, click the Send button. Otherwise, click the Cancel button to discard your action and you will also be redirected to the previous screen.

You are able to send messages to all vehicles with Integrated navigation (Garmin navigators) or Workforce Management terminals, as well as to all drivers who have a phone.


If you still need further assistance, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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