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With the Driver status functionality, you can set up statuses to use as tags for your drivers. With these tags, you can manage, sort, filter and identify drivers based on statuses relevant for your company, like Available, On Holidays, Fired, etc.



To configure the Driver status, the first thing to do is to go to Administration > Drivers and click on Driver settings in the hamburger menu:



Here you can create, edit and delete the statuses:



Besides the name and color for the status, you must select two more options: May drive and Remove ID:

Option Description Default
May drive

If May drive is marked as No, drivers with this status won't be able to be associated with vehicles. This has the following consequences:

  1. If you have this driver currently associated with a vehicle, as Driver or Co-driver, he/she will be automatically dissociated from the vehicle.
  2. This driver will not be listed when you want to select the Driver or Co-driver to associate to a vehicle, in Administration > Vehicles > General > Association. 
  3. If an RFID or Tacho driver ID from this driver is received from a vehicle, there will not be any automatic driver association to the vehicle.
  4. If an RFID or Tacho driver ID from this driver is received from a vehicle, and you have set up the Unidentified driver alarm, the alarm will be triggered.

If marked as Yes, none of the consequences above will occur

Remove ID

If Remove ID is marked as Yes, once a driver is assigned this status, fields RFID (Administration > Drivers - General), Tachograph driver number and Tachograph driver expiry date (Administration > Drivers - Tachograph) will be removed. 
Also, the login credentials for this driver on the Workforce Management will be removed, i.e., the driver will no longer be able to log in to the solution.

If marked as No, no changes will be applied to the drivers.



Managing the statuses

Once you create the statuses, you can start maintaining your fleet with them.

In Administration > Drivers - Details > Drivers, you have the option to set a status to the driver (or remove a status that was previously set):



After you set the status for the driver, you can see the status in the list of the drivers:



As well as in the Vehicle infobox of the vehicle that the driver is associated with:




The Driver status can be used as filters in different views of Frotcom. This way, instead of selecting all the vehicles under specific circumstance (i.e., only on duty drivers), you can choose just one status.

As of now, you can use filters with Driver status to find Nearest vehicles:



As a column to organize the drivers for the Vehicle filters:



And, finally, for all the Reports that can be generated by Drivers, you have the option to generate it by Driver status. Therefore, the report will be created for all the drivers that have one of the statuses selected in the report generator panel:


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