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The Driver App is Frotcom’s app for professional drivers. It targets not only features useful from the company’s perspective but especially from the driver’s points of view.

To allow your fleet to use the Driver App, as well as control what they can see, you must first allow it on the button Activate Frotcom Driver App.



Now you can select to which sections of the app your drivers will have access:



If you want to know more about all the sections available at the moment, please check this series of articles in our Help Center.


The access to the sections of the app can be set individually for each driver (for instance, some drivers may have access to check their trips, while others may not). You can set, however, the same permissions for all the drivers at once, clicking on the button Set to all drivers:



With this configuration, your fleet is ready to use the Driver App. You should now proceed and give each of your drivers access to the app with a unique username and access code.

To learn how to create Driver App accounts for your drivers, please check this article.

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