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If your fleet works with more than one vehicle executing the same route template at the same time (e.g., passenger transportation with fixed routes), you might want to choose one of the two following views of the Assigned routes tab to visualize and track the vehicles:


Circular diagram view

Instead of showing one linear for each vehicle executing the same template, the Circular diagram view shows all the executions in a compressed view:


If the last stop of the route template is the same as the first stop (places or coordinates), the circular diagram is presented as a loop.


Extendable linear diagram view

This is an extended version of the Linear view, with the difference that it contains all the vehicles executing the same template:



The color of the time indicating the distance between vehicles follows the rules of color code defined in Administration > Account > Route - Color codes:



The color of the paths is the same color set to the route template:



If you hover your mouse over a stop, you can see its name:



And if you hover over the time of a vehicle, a hint (similar to an infobox) is shown with all the times:



Finally, on the Hamburger menu, you have three options to support the view:



  • Show time to front vehicle. This is the default. Shows the time distance to the vehicle in front;
  • Show ETA to final stop, compliance to the final stop. e.g., +00:23 (delayed 23 minutes) or -00:02 (early 2 minutes) to the final stop;
  • Show ETA to next stop, compliance to next stop. e.g., +00:05 (delayed 5 minutes) or -00:12 (early 12 minutes) to the next stop.
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