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By selecting the Linear view mode on the Assigned routes panel, you will see the following screen:



The vehicles will move from the locations on the left to the right. It is a similar representation to the one you see on the Tracking routes - Map view.

The horizontal line represents the route's length, and the vehicle's position on the line shows the approximate distance (in %) already traveled by the vehicle in each step of the route.

Depending on the status of the Route and its compliance, each of the route's steps will be displayed according to the following table:

Status Delay Line color
Completed No significant delay or even advance
Minor delay
Major delay
Executing No significant delay or even advance
Minor delay
Major delay


Which is in accordance to the displayed legend, on the top of the screen:



You can define which delay you want to be considered as minor and major in Administration > Account > Route. For this example, the default values were used: 10 minutes as the minor delay and 1 hour for the major delay.

If you click on the Linear view route icon, you will be redirected to Tracking routes - Map view panel. It has the same behavior when you click on a route in the Table view:



You can also use the search box, located in the upper-left part of the screen, to filter the displayed information by route name, place or address name or license plate:


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