Settings and Customized score


On Administration > Account > Driving behavior, you can configure a set of parameters to fit the Driving behavior score to your company best:



Minimum mileage

This setting is the minimum mileage driven by a vehicle that Frotcom will consider for the calculation of the Driving score.

Have in mind that if you enter values too low for the minimum mileage, you may not have enough driving behavior data from some of the vehicles to draw any reasonable conclusions. Mileages below 20km (12 miles) are not recommended at all. Ideally, always work with mileages of 100km (62 miles) or more.


Display absolute values

If you set this option to Yes, Frotcom will use the absolute number of occurrences for the calculation of the Driving score. Leaving this option as No, the numbers will be presented relative to 100km.

For instance: a driver has driven 200km with 10 occurrences of High speed acceleration. With this option marked as Yes, the number considered for the calculation will be 10 (absolute); if the option is marked as No, the number will be 5 (relative to 100km).


Use customized score

Your company may want to have different weights for the variables used to calculate the Driving score.

With the customized score, it's possible for you to give each variable a specific weight, from 0 to 100%, and with that to have a different final score for the driving behavior. 

When you mark the option Use customized score as Yes, you will see all the variables used for the calculation of the Driving score with a slider for each one of them:



You just need to drag and drop the slider of each variable to the weigh you wish - or even drag it all the way to 0% to not consider this value at all.

If you leave this option as No, Frotcom will use its own formula to calculate the Driving score.


Set limits

If your company uses the customized scores, you can set up customized limits for each of the indicators. This way, instead of using the default limits defined by Frotcom for each indicator, you can customized them to fit the needs of your company.

For each indicator, you will find the button SET LIMITS next to it:



Clicking on one of these buttons will open the following popup:



In here, you can set up the customized limits for the indicator. You will also find the button Use Frotcom's default limits, that disables the customized limits and applies the default values to the indicator (this will be the default option).



You can identify the indicators that use customized limits by the color of the button: If the button is white, the indicator uses Frotcom's default limits; and the indicators with the blue button use customized limits:




Importante note: The Driving behavior report is always generated with Frotcom's standard score, even if a customized score is defined.

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