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On the Appointments tab, you can see and configure appointment alarms to be set off when a rule (date, mileage or hour) is met. For instance, you can configure an alarm to warn you about the next inspections, insurance review, tachograph card expiry date, etc. 



You will see the appointments separated by the rules. To add a new appointment, click on the Add button of the specific rule:



You will be forwarded to the alarms configuration panel.

On the tab Definitions you can see the following:


Field Description
Description You can choose one of the cost types defined on Management > Costs, or add a new description manually.
Entity Contains the entities defined on Management > Entities.
Next occurrence Here you define the value for the next occurrence. It can be a date, an hour or the number of kilometers driven by the vehicle.
Periodicity Choose how often this alarm is expected to set off or select Only once if you want this to be a one-time appointment.
Following occurrence Shows when the following occurrence will happen, based on the fields above.
Expires Only visible for Hours and Mileage appointments. You can enter a maximum value for the appointment to stop triggering.
Receive warning Here you choose when you want to receive the notification of this appointment. 


The tabs Restrictions and Destinations have the same configuration as the other alarms. You may want to set these definitions as well.


After you are done editing the new appointment alarm, you can click on the button Save.



The new appointment can be reviewed on the panel. If you want to edit it, you can click on its name to open the configuration panel again.

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