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If your company needs to control the visits to places under certain conditions (visiting hours, visiting frequency, visiting vehicles, etc.) and automatically update place statuses, you can use the automation rules for Places:

To define the rules to change the status of each specific place type you must go to the hamburger menu found in Administration > Areas and select Place settings:



In the place settings, select the tab Rule sets:



You will see a list of the rules already configured. To add a new rule click on Add new:



After inserting a name and a default status (the statuses available for selection are the ones defined in the Place statuses panel), you will be able to create rules for this set clicking on the New rule button:



You have the following fields to use to create the rule:

Field name Description
Status New status for the place
Visited by List of vehicles or drivers
Number of times Number of times you require the place to be visited to trigger the rule
Period of the day Period of the day for which you require the visits to happen. Visits outside this period do not trigger the rule
Day of week Days of the week for which you require the visits to happen. Visits outside these days do not trigger the rule

Periods for which you require the visits to happen. Visits outside these periods do not trigger the rule.

When you select Last hours, you will also be requested the number of hours

Minimum stop duration For how long the vehicle should stay at the place to trigger the rule


Tip: when you configure a set of rules, if none of the conditions of the rules is matched, the Default status will be applied to the place.


After you finished setting up the rule, click on the Save button, and you will be back to the rule set details, where you can add more rules or click on Save to finish the edition.


Setting the rule sets to apply to each Place type

For each Place type, you can define the rule sets to manage your place statuses and the corresponding colours on the map:



Once this association is done, an automatic change of place status will occur under the conditions defined in the rule set, for all places of selected place type.

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