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On the top right of the list of areas, in Administration, you can see the menu:

Click on it and choose Place settings. The following list will show:

There are two panels in which you can specify Place settings:

  • Place types
    This is where you can edit and change the names of the Place types to use in your account. For instance, you can categorize some of your places as "Customer"; others as "My company"; and so on. This allows Frotcom to process places according to their types. For instance, you can generate a report showing the permanence of your vehicles in places of type "Customer".
  • Place statuses
    Here you can define the different statuses for your places, if you want to categorize places according to these statuses. For instance, you may want to categorize places according to the last visits of your vehicles to them. For instance, "Places visited in last 24 hours" and "Places not visited in last 24 hours". 

Changing Place types:

Click the Place types row on the left column. Then, select the place type whose name you want to change by clicking Edit

Enter the new name and click Save to keep the changes or Cancel to abort. If you want to recover the original name proposed by Frotcom, click Default.

Changing Place Statuses:

Click the Place statuses row on the left column. Then, select the place status for which you want to change designation or color by clicking Edit. Use Delete if you want to delete that status.


Click Save to keep the changes, or Cancel to abort.

You can also add new statuses by clicking the Add button.


For automatic changes of Place statuses, please have a look at this article.


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