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Route templates are the routes that you expect to assign often to vehicles. Therefore, Frotcom allows you to store those routes' definitions and reuse them whenever needed.

After creating the route template, you are able to assign it to vehicles as often as you need. To visualize all existing Route templates, go to Routes panel, by clicking on More > Routes:

The Routes panel will be available to you. After, click on the Template folder:

The following screen will be displayed to you:

Here, all the already existing Route templates are listed.

The panel contains the following information:

Column Description
Route name

This is the name or designation you gave to the route template.

Note: by default, when the template is created, the route name will be the starting and ending points' addresses.

Code Code to identify the route template.
Steps Number of steps of the route template.
Departure place Identification of the first step departure.
Arrival place Identification of the last step arrival.
Duration Total steps duration.
Update date Date and time of the last update.
Username Identification of the user which performed the latest update on the route template settings.

In order to manage each created Template, click the Route name link of the respective row:

The Route template details screen will be available:

The main panel contains the same information as the one displayed in the panel of the template creation:

Field Description
Route name

Route template name.

Note: By default, the name of the route will be the starting and ending points' addresses. However, we recommend that as a good practice you give a recognizable name to every route template since you will want to know in the future which route template to assign to a vehicle without checking its details.

Route code Code to identify the route template.

Color to identify the route template. It is shown in the vehicle marker when a vehicle is executing the route:


Additionally, on the top-left part of the screen, you have the following action buttons:

Action Description
Edit route Edit the route description and update the template
Assign as route Assign the route template
Delete Delete the route template


By clicking on the Add new button on the far left upper part of the panel, you will be able to create a template. To know more, click here.


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