Routes - How to edit a route template?


To edit a Route template, first enter the Route template details and click Edit route button:

After that, the following screen will be available:

On this panel, you are able to edit an already created template. It is possible to modify the Route template with the same options that were available when the route was created.

Note that if you change the destination of a step, Information to driver, notifications and alarms  of the respective step will not be kept as defined when the template was created, but the default values defined in Administration > Account > Route will be considered. The same happens if you create additional steps.

In case either the starting point or the destination of a step are modified or new steps are added, the following transformation occurs on the fields of the Routes bottom panel:

  • STD of the first step is changed to now
  • Corridor takes the default values defined in Administration > Account > Route
  • All the remaining fields are recalculated with the new inputs

Frotcom will inform you of this event via the following pop up:

When you are done with your modifications, click Update this route. You will be then redirected to the Routes panel - Templates and the following pop-up will be displayed to you:

 Additionally, by clicking Assign this route:

You will be able to assign the route template. To know more, click here.

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