Frotcom enables driver identification by iButton or RFID card to unlock an immobilized vehicle, i.e., a vehicle with the ignition off and that requires a valid ID to turn the ignition back on, when the associated tracking device is configured for this behavior.

Typically in Frotcom, with the driver identification, any RFID/iButton can unlock the vehicle.

However, if you need to limit the drivers allowed to drive special vehicles, such as the ones that transport dangerous goods, heavy vehicles/machinery or vehicles that require an expert driver, preventing other company drivers from using those vehicles, Whitelists are what you are looking for.


With Whitelists, you can configure a list of allowed drivers that, by identifying themselves in the vehicle, using iButton or an RFID card, will unlock the immobilizer automatically and can, therefore, turn the ignition back ON. A Whitelist of drivers can be configured independently for each vehicle.

Besides that, the Whitelists can also be used as a way to stop the buzzer of a vehicle once it goes off. For instance, you can configure a door sensor to set off an alarm when the door of a truck is open, and only an authorized (whitelisted) driver can disarm the buzzer.



Note that this feature is available only for vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker (GV300, C4MAX, C4MAXLite), that runs the appropriate firmware version, and that you can configure a maximum of 100 drivers in the Whitelist, for each vehicle:



If you want to activate the Whitelist feature on your account, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

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