The Driver feedback bar device consists of a bar of LEDs (used to display the driving behavior during a trip); a buzzer; an iButton reader for driver identification; and two buttons: a home button and a work button.

During a trip, the Driver feedback bar displays the current driving behavior, by lighting LEDs from left (green) to right (red). The more LEDs are lid at a certain moment, the worst the driving behavior.


The driver feedback bar states are:

  • Off
    All LEDs are OFF
  • Booting
    This happens whenever the device is turned on and it is waiting for valid GPS. A LED roll from left to right is shown during this state. As soon as GPS fix is achieved, the device will change to the On trip state if speed is higher than 5 km/h, or to Idling state if not. If the device is in auto calibration process, booting will continue till the calibration finishes.
  • On trip
    As soon as a trip is started, the first green LED will be lit. Then, for each excessive acceleration, and for each excessive braking, two more LEDs will be lit (and a short buzzing sound produced). So, from green LEDs only, the Driver feedback bar will move to yellow LEDs and finally red LEDs.
    Additionally, for each minute idling (engine ON but no speed higher than 5 km/h), two more LEDs will be lit.
    In the opposite sense, for each driving minute without any driving excess, Frotcom turns off the rightmost lit LED, which means that the bar will move towards the green area, one LED per minute as long as you do not exceed the driving behavior limits in acceleration, braking and idling. In other words, the more excesses, the more LEDs will be lit, eventually reaching the red LEDs; and the more time passes during a trip without any excesses the less LEDs will be lit, eventually reaching a single green LED.
  • Idling
    For each minute idling (engine ON but no speed higher than 5 km/h), two more LEDs will be lit, to alert you that idling leads to extra fuel consumption and extra pollution. 
  • End of trip
    At the end of a trip, detected by the ignition being turned OFF, the Driver feedback bar will flash the final Driving behavior Level for two seconds and then change to Off state.


Driver Identification and Privacy mode

The driver feedback bar has an iButton installed. If you want to know more about automatic driver identification via iButton, click here.

If you want to know how to activate/deactivate the privacy mode via driver feedback bar, click here.


In order for Frotcom devices to correctly detect accelerations and braking, the tracking devices need to go through a calibration process.

Some of these Frotcom devices already implement a Driving behavior auto-calibration process. This process occurs whenever the tracking device is installed in a new vehicle, or when for some reason it is moved from one position to another, inside the vehicle.

The unit usually takes around 50 km to auto-calibrate. If the Driver feedback bar is installed, you will be notified when the device is calibrated through 3 short audible buzzes.

In privacy mode the auto-calibration process doesn't stop. You will still hear 3 short audible buzzes relating to the auto-calibration end.

Only after the calibration process ends the unit will start communicating the accelerations and breaking, both to the Driver feedback bar and to Frotcom.

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