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Garmin PND are devices that, among several features, show the drivers how to achieve a particular destination and allows you to contact the drivers.

If your vehicles have such Garmin devices connected to Frotcom's GPS tracker, you can have the features mentioned above, which can help by:

  • Decreasing the stress on your drivers via an intuitive driver-assistance
  • Promoting peace of mind to your drivers by assuring them that in case of an accident provoked by another driver, their trips are being recorded and can be referenced if necessary
  • Promoting safer driving behavior via the Garmin PND alarms

More specifically, the following additional features are now available in Frotcom:

  1. Management of Garmin PND devices, also known as NAV
  2. Programming of Garmin PND speed alarm
  3. Programming of Garmin PND dash cam alarm


To administer the Garmin PND devices and their active features, first choose the user icon on the top right part of the screen:

Then, click the Administration option.

You will see the Administration menu. From that menu, select the Terminals option.

The Terminals administration panel will open. From the left part of the screen, choose the Garmin PND tab:

It contains the following information:

Columns Description
Serial Number Garmin PND unique serial number
Current vehicle Vehicle to which the Garmin PND is currently associated
Last vehicle update Date and time of the most recent association to the vehicle
Model Model of the Garmin PND
Software version Software version of the Garmin PND

You can sort by any column by clicking on its header name: Serial Number, Current vehicle, Model and Software version.

Click on the serial number of the desired row to see the details of the respective Garmin PND device.

The details page of the Garmin PND device is as follows:

The Garmin PND details page is divided into two sections:

Section Description

List of the main technical specifications and protocols that are supported by a particular device.

Note: the information in this section is in read-only mode.

Alarms List of the configurations for the speed and dash cam alarms.


In case you need further clarification, please contact your Frotcom Certified Partner. You can find the contacts of the Frotcom Certified Partners here.

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