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In the General section of the Garmin PND administration folder, you are able to see the main technical specifications of the Garmin PND (Personal Navigation Device). Besides the information that was already shown in the Garmin PND panel, you are also able to see which protocols are supported by a particular device. All the displayed information is generated automatically and is read-only. The Administration > Garmin PND > General panel is as follows:

It contains the following information:

Field Description
Serial Number Garmin unique serial number
Current vehicle Vehicle to which the Garmin PND is associated
Last vehicle update Date and time of the most recent association of the PND to the vehicle
Model Model of the Garmin PND
Software version Software version of the Garmin PND
Supported protocols

List of FMI protocols used by Frotcom that are implemented in the Garmin PND device

Note: This is the list of FMI protocols used by Frotcom:

  • A603 - Stops management
  • A604 - Text messages
  • A608 - Speed limit alerts
  • A611 - Long text messages
  • A614 - Path specific stops (routes)
  • A618 - Support stops with long text (up to 2000 bytes)
  • A622 - Dash camera protocol


If you want to know more about Garmin PND alarm configuration, click here.

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