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In order to create a new Entity, go to the Management > Entities panel and click Add new button, located in the upper-right part of the screen: 

After, the following screen will be displayed to you:

The New entity panel contains three sub-panels:

  • Entity details
  • Cost types
  • Contact


Entity details

On the entity details panel you will be able to fill the following information fields representative of the new entity's general data:

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Tax number
  4. Address
  5. Zip code
  6. City
  7. Country

For the Name field, simply write in the text box the desired tag:

for the remaining fields, click on the Click to add link and a similar text box will become available.


Cost types

Note that you have to prior create the cost types in the Management > Preferences.

On the cost types panel, you will be able to associate this new entity to one or more fixed cost types and/or a variable cost types. For this, click on the drop-down list of the desired cost type and select the respective cost type(s):

Fixed costs drop down menu Variable costs drop down menu

You can tick individually the desired cost types or, if you wish to select all created cost types, click on the Select visible tick box and all the cost types will be selected:

In case you have several cost types, you can use the search box located in the upper part of the panel, to filter the displayed cost types:

After you are done, click Apply button to confirm your actions.

Note that the tag of field button of the fixed costs and variable costs, will also automatically change taking into consideration the number of cost types that you selected:

If you select a single cost type, it will appear the name of the cost type on the button tab. This feature will help you to easier check to which cost types is a particular entity associated to. This information will be made available if this entity is associated with an appointments alarm. For instance, if you create an appointments alarm where the goal is to change the tires after 100,000 km, associate the entity above with this alarm, then the entity’s address and contact will show when the alarm is triggered.



On the contact sub-panel you can see the following fields, representative of the contact coordinates of the new entity:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number

To fill them, click on the Click to add link and a text box will become available.


Finally, click  Save, located at the right upper part of the panel:

The Management > Entities panel will be updated with the new entity that you created.


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