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The Recurring costs folder of the Management module contains a list of fixed costs you want to be automatically inserted in Frotcom, instead of introducing them by hand. You can only select fixed costs to specify as recurring costs. Variable costs must be introduced by hand (or using web services).

When you define a recurring cost, you detail to which vehicles you want to apply the recurring cost and, when these costs will occur. When the specified moments occur in the future, Frotcom will automatically enter these fixed costs. The process will auto-repeat until you erase the recurring cost from the list or until the recurring cost expires (you can define an expiration date for a recurring cost).

To go to the Recurring costs management panel, go to the Management module and select the Recurring costs folder:

After, the following panel will be available to you:

It contains the following information:

Column Description
Cost type Cost type of the entity associated with the recurring cost.
Entity Associated entity of the recurring cost.
Description Description of the recurring cost.
Vehicles Associated vehicles to the recurring cost.
Individual cost Cost to be applied to each of the selected vehicles.
Total cost Individual cost times the number of vehicles to which the individual cost is to be considered.
Next occurrence Next date when this cost is to be automatically entered.
Periodicity Periodicity in which this cost will occur.
Expiration date Date when this cost is no longer to be considered.

Please take into consideration that for you to create a Recurring cost, you need to firstly create an Entity and a Cost type, for association purposes.


If you wish to create a new recurring cost, click here.

If you wish to edit an already created recurring cost, click here.

If you wish to delete a recurring cost, click here

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