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The Organization filtering subsection of the Administration > Users > Filtering panel has the following board:

It contains the following information:

Include all and future organizations

By selecting the Yes option, a particular user of your company will be allowed to configure all available organizations. In the case a new organization is eventually created by you, the user will also have automatically access to it. Additionally the Organization filter list will be locked with all the organizations selected. 

By selecting the No option, you can choose from all the created organizations, which one(s) you want a particular user of your company to have access to. Please note that in this case, if a new organization is eventually created by you, a particular user will not have access to it unless you update the Organization filter selection.


Organization filter

By clicking on the drop down button, the following panel shows up:

On the left part of the panel you can select either the Department tab or the Segment tab.

You can select the desired departments and/or combinations for which you wish to create the filter, by ticking the box next to each department/segment:

You will also notice that the number of elements selected under the Department and Segment tabs are also displayed on the tab icon (please note that if all the elements under a tab are selected, instead of a number the tag ''ALL'' will be displayed:

You can also use the search bar, located on the upper part of the panel, to filter the displayed entities.

After you are done with the selection of entities, click Apply:

If you wish to cancel your modifications, click the Cancel button at any time:

Additionally, for easier perception of the selected filters, on the Organization filtering panel, the field of Organization filter might have 3 values:

  • None - In case you do not select any department or segment for filtering purposes.

  • Multiple Items Selected - In case you select at least one entity (one department or one segment) but not all of them.

  • All - In case you select all available entities (departments and segments)



To know more about organizations, click here.

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