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Let's consider that your company has 2 departments: marketing and purchasing. Each of the departments has 2 segments: the national one (which operates on a national level) and the international level (which covers operations abroad). As a fleet manager, you are responsible to manage, indistinctly, all the vehicles of the company, even though each segment of each department has its own vehicle fleet.

On a very first glance, you can do your tasks by displaying all the vehicles on the map at the same time and controlling all the vehicles as one single fleet, even though they operate in different departments and segments. For sure it will work but there are ways to optimize your efforts and showing you the exact information that you want.

Frotcom allows you to ''group'' your vehicles. Let's consider again the previous example. You could create ''groups'' inside your Frotcom account, let's call these groups organizational entities (department-segment combination). You would create 2 departments, each one with two segments. After that, you would be able to assign each vehicle to the corresponding organizational entity.

At this stage you will have your vehicles merged up in smartly created groups that fit in the day-to-day reality of your company.

Once you do it, you will be able to perform several tasks easier. For instance, if you want to find the vehicles of a certain organizational entity which are closer to a particular location, you can firstly create a vehicle filter that will only show the desired vehicles, simplifying your work.

Similarly, you can also link your drivers to the created organizational entities.

To establish these entities, go to Administration > Organization. Here, you can create and select two types of entities inside your company; then, you will be able to assign them to your vehicles, drivers, trips and places.

You can create a first type of organization called Department and a second type called Segment; or a first type called Cost Center and a second called Region. It's up to you, just change their designations to follow your needs.

For you to create your organization entities, click the User icon, on the top right part of the screen:

Then select the Administration tab from the drop down menu.

A new window will open with the Administration menu. From that menu, select the Organization tab:

 You will see a list with the departments in your account:

On the left side you will see the main sections:

Click the links below for more information on Departments and Segments.

Section Description
Departments Creation and assignment of departments
Segments Creation and assignment of segments
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