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The Driving conditions panel allows you to specify how your vehicles and assets (trailers, etc.) can be used.

In the first part, Drivers and Coupling, you can specify the following options:


Setting Description
Allow the use of driving teams Specify if your company will sometimes be using driving teams (two drivers per vehicle). By default, this option is set to No. To activate it, set to Yes.
 Allow coupling of vehicles and assets

Frotcom can control different types of vehicles, such as vans or trucks, in which a GPS tracker has been installed. Some other assets – such as trailers or containers without an installed GPS tracker – can be coupled and uncoupled from these vehicles.

Frotcom allows you to establish this connection, manually or automatically; and by doing so you will know where the assets were picked up, which trips they made and where they were left, each time.

Before you can start adding assets and coupling them to vehicles, set Allow coupling of vehicles and assets to Yes. If you do not see this option, ask your Frotcom Certified Partner to give your account the necessary permission.

Split trips when changing drivers

Set this option to Always if you want Frotcom to automatically detect a new trip whenever the driver changes, regardless of the status if the ignition.

Set this option to Canbus vehicles only if you want Frotcom to automatically detect a new trip, like described above, but only for vehicles from which Frotcom is reading CANBus data.

If you do not want this option to be active, choose Never.

The second part of the settings regards Driving time restrictions. These are the restrictions on maximum driving times and mandatory breaks and rests, imposed by legislation or company policies:

The settings are the following:

Setting Description
Use driving time restrictions rules Specify if you want the driving time restrictions to apply to your vehicles
Vehicle classes to apply

Select for which classes of vehicles the rules are to be applied. By default, the classes selected are: Truck, Semi-trailer and Tractor unit. You can extend to other vehicle classes. Make sure you have correctly categorized your vehicles in their details; otherwise the corresponding driving times will not be controlled by Frotcom.

Time restrictions

Select the time restrictions you wish to apply.

If you click the Default button, all parameters will be reset to the ones contained in Europe’s Regulation 561.

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