Vehicle infobox - Complete driving times


The Complete driving times panel of the Vehicle Infobox contains the information from the other Driving times panels, as well as some extra lines with more data regarding the period, the breaks and the amplitude of the driver:



The information displayed in this panel is organized according to the following breakdown:



  1. Extra hours: The number of available extra hours the driver has available for the period. The drivers may have up to two extra hours days in one week (which starts every Monday at 00:00), and the icons represent how many extra hours are available (green icon) and how many have been already used (red icon);

  2. Reduced daily rest periods: The number of Reduced daily rest periods the driver has available. The drivers may have up to three Reduced daily rest periods in a period between two weekly rests, and the icons represent how many of these periods are available (green icon) and how many have been already used by the driver (red icon);

  3. Maximum driving time: Label that indicates the maximum allowed driving time per period (Continuous, Daily, Weekly, and Biweekly). These times are configured in Administration > Account > Driving conditions;

  4. Used/available driving time: A small colored graph indicates how many hours of the period have been already used by the driver (red) and how many hours are still available (green). Below the graphs you can see the same information with the used/available hours;

  5. Beginning of the period: In this line, you can check the date/time when each of the periods started;

  6. Duration of the last break: This line contains the duration of the last break of each period (except for the Continuous period). For the Weekly and Biweekly period, the break time is colored green if it is over 45 hours, or red if it is between 24 and 45 hours (indicating a Reduced rest period);

  7. Amplitude: The last line of this panel indicates the Amplitude, i.e., the remaining driving times until the end of the period (Daily and Weekly) is reached. It considers the existing Reduced daily rest periods of the driver and assumes the weekly amplitude is the start of the week date plus 144 hours (or six days).


If you hover the icons, you will get a tip regarding each of the lines:


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